Goodbye Ruby Tuesday

I’m a little late to the party and was considering not posting about SNL anymore but I can’t help it. I am big Kristen Wiig fan and as much as I would love for her to do her own thing, it’s just sad that I won’t be seeing Dooneese (Lawrence Welk show), Kat (Garth and Kat), Target Lady, Judy Grimes and that lady on the Secret Word game.

The finale was generally alright, I don’t remember much since the whole send-off to Kristen Wiig out shined everything else. So if you’re reading to hear about SNL and any rants or praise I have for it (I have a few), I won’t be doing that now. I just have to dedicate a whole post to how great of a part of SNL I think Kristen Wiig is was.

I know she has quite a few haters and I’ve read a lot about how her characters are annoying. I couldn’t agree more. But – that’s what I love most about them. It’s how “annoying” they are but not to the point of wanting to change the channel (for me anyway) but it just keeps me even more entertained.

But – it’s not all that way with Wiig. She has a number of stand out non-recurring characters. I can’t forget her Lana Del Ray. I don’t know who gets the credit for that (I don’t know who wrote those brilliant lines and quips) but she delivered the hell out of them. And – if she wrote them as well, then I bow down to her.

What I probably love most about Wiig is how she’s just all over the place (in a good way) on the stage but then off it, she seems quite shy and humble. The funny is there no matter what but it astounds me how everything is turned around once she’s acting. I think that shows how truly one must give her props for her work and being who she is.

With that, I just know she’s going big. Although I am sad to see her characters go (maybe not completely – I’m sure SNL will bring them back once in a while the way they do with Fey and Poehler), I am looking forward to what Kristen Wiig stirs up next.


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