For the first time in “Forever”

For the first time in Forever, I have finally found that show that once was Castle. That once was The Mentalist. That once was Bones. That once was Chuck. That once was (until the end) Psych.

I have to admit, I am guilty of being encapsulated by the whole will they/won’t they TV pairings. But – for the longest time, I’ve been aching to find a show with a pair that has chemistry and the same dynamics as the shows I’ve mentioned above. I’ve resorted to Googling these kinds of pairs in current TV shows but have been disappointed with all those I have found. Thankfully though I found a new show, Forever. It’s all there. All the elements I’ve been aching to see once again on TV but the best part is that this isn’t even the best part of the show. Let me delve further into what the elements I so love about it.


First and foremost, Forever is one of those criminal shows with an overarching story but with episodic cases to sustain it. It centers around this Medical Examiner, Dr Henry Morgan, an immortal man who has seen and lived it all. Of course, yes he becomes a consultant due to his amazing gift of knowledge, solving murders and whatnot. See, I think this gives the show creators so much room to explore should they utilize this premise fully. So much historical bases to cover and so much scientific as well. Whatever direction they take, whether it’s one, the other, or both, they just have so much opportunity to play around! Great work in concept, I think.

Apart from the overall premise of the show, they’ve put together a cast that they too have given a good history to play around with. There’s Dr Henry Morgan, 200 year-old immortal. Oh come on. That’s 200 years of stories they can explore. Then there’s Abe, played by Judd Hirsh (aka Wes Mendell of Studio 60). His dynamic with the main man Henry is interesting too – being Henry’s adopted son and all. As an individual, there’s so much they can do with him as well. A survivor of the Holocaust, Abe is one of those lovable grandfathers we all probably have.

Detective Jo Martinez is one character who also has quite a lot to contribute. As of now, she’s seemingly insignificant but you can tell hers and Henry’s relationship slowly growing – may it be romantic or friendly, they have a chemistry that works very well on the show. I can see it. Her microacting is there the same kind Sarah from Chuck was.

My most favorite part of this show is definitely the ability to play around with different times and go back in history – may it be the fictional history or something based on actual events. The 4th episode so far reflects this interesting side of the show. This reminds me of one more crucial character I missed. Abigail. Dr Henry’s wife. They don’t give away too much too soon but the writers give you little glimpses here and there about this part of Henry’s life and it’s adorable.

vlcsnap-2014-10-20-05h20m54s28 vlcsnap-2014-10-20-05h21m24s77

I don’t want to give much more about it but my God am I happy I found it.

PS. It’s no surprise the names of the writers/creators/producers are familiar. Chris Fedak, a Chuck writer is on this and this gives me even more confidence about the show.

Thank you for existing.


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