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The Beauty in a Comeback

At the end of season 6 with the bomb Brennan brought on Booth and us fans many people were already turning their backs to Hanson and the Bones team. I, on the other hand said to myself that I trusted the writers and that with the good they’ve done for 6 seasons – they can do no wrong.

But when season 7 came, I was slowly (not fully consciously) losing interest. I haven’t talked about Bones with anyone for a long time. I’ve been purposely avoiding it simply because I didn’t want to admit the fact that I was losing interest. I was ashamed of it because for the longest time I raved about that show nonstop. I was about 5 episodes behind when I finally decided to give it another shot. It was so-so but not as magical as I remembered it. Sad to say, it was slowly suffering the Moonlighting curse. Then, I caught a small moment from episode 11 that gave me the slightest bit of hope.


It’s scenes like these that make me feel the thrill of a TV pairing. I’m glad that part was snuck in there. With that – I kept watching…up until the finale.

That finale…ahh that finale. I would have to admit that that was probably the most mouth-opening finale I’ve seen this season (it beat Castle by a hair).


I was on edge that whole episode. I was pinching myself so hard for all the events that led up to the end. I mean, of course we all know Brennan is no murderer (Although I was being doubtful of the show, I am loyal to Temperance Brennan) but everything that psycho Pelant was doing was just pure…twisted. It was frustrating and wonderful. Damn.


Then came the idea of running away…which they made seem was out of the question up until the very last few minutes of the episode. Now seriously I did not see that coming. And – now that it has happened, I cannot even begin to describe how full of promise the next season is going to be. Hart Hanson probably got that feeling that with the tension slightly gone between B&B, he had to go a whole new route. And – his decision was perfect.


Bones is back…with a vengeance. This opens a whole new kind of Bones madness and I am proud to say that I should never have doubted Hart Hanson and the Bones family. And I will never doubt again.


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