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Sorking High

While I have the chance, let me just share what I believe are the highs and lows of Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom so far.

Forgive my bias but I am a loyal Sorkin fan and any haters out there…could well just shut the fuck up. I do promise to try my very best to be objective (whether or not it is good enough is all up to you).

First of all, any true Aaron Sorkin fan would know that he recycles lines, issues, references, actors, jokes, speeches, formulas, anything.

And any true Sorkin fan would love the fact that he does this. It’s what makes us know it’s a Sorkin masterpiece. When we see Felicity Huffman or when we see someone storming into a room saying all kinds of things like whoremonger, blowhole, Machiavellian jerk, etc. or when someone jokes about a dangling modifier or when the main character has daddy issues…I could go on and on.

My point is…other than to brag about my knowledge of Sorkin tv shows…is that no matter how many times he reuses and reuses things, he makes it work.

So – let’s get on with my thoughts on the show so far.

I love the mix of the characters. Many are familiar and others are just unfolding. I love how every character fits into the story and how relevant they are but….those are characters. I have to admit, as much it pains me to do so, I don’t fully agree with the casting of all of them. Some play the ’emotional’ type a little too much, some play the ‘nerd’ type just a tad more awkward than I’d hope and one is just out of place.

All these things are pretty get-past-it-able but like I said, I am trying to be as unbiased possible by pointing out all things that I have noticed.

To be honest, if there’s anything wrong with this show is the lack of more classic “Sorkin” elements. Where is Schlamme? Snuffy? Huffman? If the finale isn’t called What Kind of Day It Has Been, that might be quite a problem. (I joke of course…just a bit anyway).

The only real thing I can see wrong with this show is Olivia Munn. I don’t see her place in it, but I guess we’ll see. The things I have mentioned are just not good enough (not nearly good enough) reason for me not to watch and enjoy it.

I mean come on, the end of each episode has given me chills like no other writer, creator, auteur can ever do. And The Newsroom is still way up there with any other show on TV right now.

Biased or not, there’s no doubting how much The Newsroom trumps more than 50% of what a lot of us watch today. It’s definitely up there. Probably not Sorkin’s best but it’s up there.

Oh and last thing, to those who debate whether the show is too leftist…or was it too rightist (?)….does it even matter!?  This show is on HBO now. Aaron Sorkin won’t be writing to please every single person with eyes anymore. At least I hope not.


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First Impressions: hello world and the 2012 Upfronts

How great is it that the time I decide to make this little thing is around the same time as the network upfronts. So, here’s to first impressions yes?

The Newsroom (HBO)

Two words: Aaron Sorkin.

I have absolutely no doubt as to how amazing this show will be: the same way everything else Aaron Sorkin has done was (yes, even the short-lived Studio 60). The only negative: it’s another show within a show? He’s done this 2/3 times already (now 3/4)

But to be honest if anything, that excites me the most. We all know that what Sorkin does, he does BEST.

Let’s face it, there is no denying the Sorkin genius.

Go On (NBC)

TV hasn’t been great for Matthew Perry in a while. I personally loved everything else he’s done since Friends, but NBC is just a little too quick to cancel a show. I am actually quite disappointed with the way NBC has been the past few years. They have had promising shows before but the cowards over at NBC just can’t handle a little dip in the ratings.

To think it was the network that brought in the likes of The West Wing and Friends.

First impression: I’m a little biased over Matthew Perry but it does seem pretty promising.   I always enjoy shows that could mix up the comedy and the heartfelt-iness. This kind of “damaged” in Matthew Perry feels quite refreshing for some reason.

So long as NBC doesn’t screw this one up, I think this show has a long journey ahead.

The Mindy Project (FOX)

ohmaghaohmaghaohmagha ryaaaaan!

When I heard about this project, I was excited. I mean come on, all the Kelly Kapoor goodness in one show.

Then I saw the trailer. I was disappointed to realize that I don’t think I can handle that much Kelly (Mindy) in one show. It’s been great on The Office because her moments were always quite random but now, to think a full 20-minute show of ohmaghaaaohmaghaaa.

I might give this a chance (til the Pilot) but I don’t think I can go any further than that. It doesn’t help either that it’s about a single woman doctor and all her trials and tribulations as a single woman with her own whatever issues. It’s all a little too familar.

The Goodwin Games (FOX)

After seeing the upcoming comedies for the 2012 – 2013 season, I think it’s somewhat safe to say that this one will be sticking around fairly longer….amidst a community of alien neighbors and grown men drinking in bars with their babies.

Seems to me like a genuine kind of show where one could easily connect with the characters and feel the sympathy and all those mushy mushy things that makes us all tingly inside.

Mistresses (ABC)

Strategically included in the new season fresh out of Desperate Housewives, Mistresses is probably hoping to grab the loyal Housewives fans this fall. I predict failure.

I can’t even begin to describe how much this is pushing it a little bit too much. 4 attractive 30/40ish women and their sex and romantic lives….as mistresses. Unless they surprise us with some sort of a twist that makes this show about something more than what it looks in the trailers, it will end fast the way Desperate Housewives was slow.


Well, I think I’m done trying to critique shows at first glance but I would have to say that this coming season, it seems I will be sticking to a lot of the shows I’m already watching.

Let’s just say that last season I had a list of 15 pilots to check out. This season: about 5.

Then again, with the old shows I only got into recently: Psych, Castle, Happy Endings, etc. I think I would gladly not waste my time with shows that are so lackluster and so missed the mark on originality. 2012-2013 doesn’t look good for television.

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