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TV Refresh

It’s been a while since I was on here. Real life has come in and I no longer have the time to watch as many shows as I used to and as I wish I did. Having been following more that 20 shows a week before, I could not keep up with all of them since my time abroad in which I had less time to be on schedule with my shows. After my time abroad, I had to go straight in to the working life even further taking a toll on my TV-watching marathons.

All this in mind, I’m slowly adjusting to these necessary life schedules and have more of a discipline when it comes to TV-LIFE-WORK balance. Although I no longer could keep up with some of the shows I once watched and enjoyed, I’ve kept those that I feel cannot be let go. This new show season has also been a good one, I think and have slowly started to accommodate new ones. So – here is where I stand now with the shows I have kept (and have not ended) and the new shows I’ve just discovered.

For Keeps

The Good Wife

Mad Men

Saturday Night Live

Orange is the New Black


Haven (Although slowly losing interest)

The Goldbergs

American Horror Story

The Newsroom

The Comeback (given its return after a 9-year “break”)

Game of Thrones

New and Promising


Flash (not so much but I am giving it a go)

How to Get Away with Murder

Forever (my favorite so far)

It is 5 am and I may have missed a few but off the top of my head, these are the shows I am still and will be in touch with.

I am honestly looking forward to my rediscovery of love for television hence the revisit of this blog.

One day, someone will read.


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